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RMFP Portfolio Update 2014 - Dec 16

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Manulife Monthly High Income Fund 
YTD: 13.49% 


  • International Business Machines Corp. and Apple Inc. are unveiling the first fruits of a collaboration announced this summer, a set of 10 apps designed to exploit the push by businesses to adapt to the mobile era. 
  • The initial IBM MobileFirst apps, for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, are designed to help employees carry out specialized tasks in fields that include retail, law enforcement, banking, insurance, air travel and field service operations. These include apps built for Citi, Air Canada, Sprint and Banorte, and they allow for various functions covering flight planning, financial advice, customer retention, government case worker support and sales assistance, to name a few. 
  • One app, for example, is intended to help airlines save money by letting pilots with iPads make better choices about how much fuel to carry, the companies said. Flight attendants also can use the app for purposes such as rebooking tickets in the event of missed connections. 
  • Another, targeting mobile service workers for cable or phone companies, exploits GPS features on Apple devices to show the user’s location on a map and help plan the best driving route between service calls. 
  • An app called Sales Assist is designed to help retail salespeople perform tasks like making purchase suggestions based on previous purchases. 
  • Development and marketing alliances have become routine in high-tech circles these days. But the collaboration between IBM and Apple stands out because of the companies’ fierce rivalry in the early days of personal computing and their strong influence currently in very separate domains. 
  • IBM is a 2.4% weight in the portfolio.