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Quarterly Investment Review Letter 2014 Q3

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Whatever your source of news and the perspective you hold about the state of governance and economics both in Canada and beyond, one thing is obvious. Everyone has a slightly different take and view depending on their bias and judgmental mind's eye. 


Whether it’s Hong Kong democracy v. communist clash, Eastern Ukraine democracy v. communist clash, or any other of the many worldwide list of clashes between dictatorial powers and human rights, we here in Canada live an amazing life. Not perfect, but an awesome country. Even if Harper attempts to politicize / mess with the independence of the Supreme Court appointments or stifle the free speech of independent research, Canada's Parliamentary democracy consistently holds fast. In the context of global issues, Canada remains an outstanding model of valuing the democratic process, especially given the geographic and cultural diversity that we enjoy.  


Consistency and diversity are the core values that also strategically guide portfolio management and financial planning at RMFP. Check the web site for ongoing timely and specific portfolio


While the world around us, with green shoot exceptions, is what the used car sales people refer to as being 'upside down', your investment portfolio is performing consistently right up there. Once again this quarter it delivers the value style of professional money management with an enlightened and refreshing level of diversity. In fact, the ROI for Monthly High Income since inception is at 9.1%, the 5 Yr ROI is at 9.5%, and the 1 Yr ROI ending September 30 is at 15.6%. This is as loud an affirmation as you might hear – even if you were to be attending any of the global protests.


Hopefully the colours of fall find favour with your fancy too.