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Looking for a Great Christmas Gift for Your Grandkids?

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Something that doesn’t break, doesn’t require batteries, and can be added to year after year? Consider a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) – an investment in your grandchildren’s futures.

  • You can establish a Family Plan for all your grandchildren or an Individual Plan for each one.
  • Make deposits once a month, or perhaps a lump sum at Christmas or a special occasion
  • If the grandchildren qualify1, the Canadian Government will match 20% of your deposits with a Canada Education Savings Grant2 (CESG)!
  • There are income-tested grants and incentives available as well, based on the “primary caregiver”.
  • Proceeds of the RESP can be used by the child after high school to help pay for his or her post-secondary education – qualifying full- or part-time courses:
    • In an apprenticeship program
    • At a trade school
    • Community College
    • University

Toys break, electronics become obsolete, but this gift “just keeps on giving”! Call us and let’s talk about it!


1The CESG is available until the end of the calendar year in which the child turns 17 as long as the child is a Canadian resident, an RESP has been opened in their name, and a request is made for the grant. Note there are further conditions for children age 16 or 17 – ask your advisor.

2Grant limit is $7,200.