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Part of the human condition is to forget. Forgetting the keys, glasses and dentist appointments may seem like a tragedy. The real tragedy is when we choose not to remember what is truly important.

War is an ugly, dirty business that should be avoided when possible. There are times, however, when right must prevail for the good of all.

VE Day, May 8, 1945, recalls the halt of the German invasion that would otherwise have seen Hitler take all of Europe. Lives were lost and families paid a heavy price for that victory. The Globe & Mail from May 1945 reports that celebrations and services of thanksgiving would take place in Toronto. That said, “In Germany, where the Canadian Army fought right to the last day, soldiers were too relieved to celebrate very much. “

As Canadians, November 11th is our once-a-year opportunity to stop and remember. For a few hours on Remembrance Day, let’s make time to celebrate and be thankful as they did in 1945. Let’s stand for the men and women who made today’s good life possible.

As I was considering this subject, I did some research on the resources available to all Canadians. Here are a few web sites that caught my attention.

Remembrance Day:

Local Events:

Thank a person in uniform. Take your family to a cenotaph and Remember!