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Breathing as One

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Did you know that COPD is the number one cause of hospitalization in Canada? ... that asthma affects at least 13% of our children? ... and that lung cancer kills more people than breast, ovarian, colon and prostate cancer combined?

Breathing as One is a national fundraising campaign to support the Lung Association's new and innovative research strategy.

"If you’ve never struggled for breath, it can be hard to understand how terrifying that can be. But for those who live with lung disease, breathing is an everyday struggle. Your support can help them catch their breath. The Lung Association supports the work of health professionals and educators who assist patients directly, and researchers who are exploring new treatments that hold the promise of a cure. It’s a collaborative effort — one that relies on the generosity of people like you."

To learn more, or to get involved, please contact your provincial Lung Association or the Lung Association of Canada.