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Add These Items to Your Travel Checklist

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With school almost out and sound of lawn mowers and ball games in the evening, Canadians turn to holiday and cottage plans.

In preparation for the summer, here are a few tips…

  • Plan: Sit down with your family and plot out what you want to see or do. If you have children, you might be surprised how they engage with plans they helped create.
  • Travel Insurance: If you are planning out of province travel, check your travel insurance. If you have insurance through work, check out your exclusions and limitations. Your pre-existing conditions clause may exclude more than you realize.
  • Will and Power of Attorney up to date? The legal profession is inundated with requests for last minute wills prior to travel. Make the time now with your advisor to review your legal documents.
  • Travel and ID Documents: Is your passport current? Driver’s licence expired? This is a great time to double check your expiry dates. While you are at it, check your vehicle registration and insurance papers to be sure they are current.
  • Safely carry money: Carefully consider how you will pay for things while you are away. More and more, folks are going to purses and wallets that are “RFID Blocking”. This means your wallet cannot be scanned and your information stolen.

Wishing you an awesome summer and look forward to seeing you around the BBQ!