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Take a Breather!

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This Lung Month, The Lung Association is asking all Canadians to “Take a Breather” and start a movement to make each breath matter.


Participate in #TakeABreather and share a photo of yourself and your favourite place to breathe on social media.  It could be anywhere, anytime - in a field, on a hillside, at dawn or sunset, at the gym, or watching your kids play.

  • Say why you love this particular breathing moment -- and any other breathing thoughts you want to share.
  • Don't forget #takeabreather.
  • Challenge your friends and family, and extended networks to #takeabreather by forwarding them the information above!


The Lung Association’s national research campaign, Breathing as One, is hoping to inspire conversation about the importance of breathing and to help fund life-saving respiratory research with its innovative campaign that will put breathing front and centre.


A lot has changed since The Lung Association established its roots back when Canada was still in its infancy. What hasn't changed, though, is their unwavering commitment to helping Canadians breathe.


Be sure to visit for more on their exciting new direction.