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Trusting Your Financial Advisor

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Where are my keys? Is the coffee ready? When will you be home? What's for dinner?

These are all questions that most of us can relate to hearing on a regular basis.

There are other types of questions that haunt us which aren't as easily answered, such as: What am I doing with my finances? Who can I trust to give me financial advice? Where can I go to find answers?

These are serious questions and they deserve serious answers. Below you will find three links that will lead you to the Advocis website.


The following pages will guide you through key questions that will help you make informed and descerning decisions when looking for a financial advisor.

  1. Who's Minding Your Money?
  2. An Advisor for All Seasons
  3. Whose advice can you trust? 


Richard McKenster Financial Planning Inc. is pleased to say that they are affiliated with Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada. Advocis is a voluntary organization committed to professionalism among financial advisors.

RMFP is . . . consistency & communication -- your trusted advisor.


Kinza Allen
Marketing Assistant