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International Workforce

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Today, some 2.8 million Canadians live in countries around the world. This represents nearly eight per cent of our population waking up and heading to work in lands and time zones not their own. Many other nations bid temporary farewell to many of their own citizens to take positions in foreign countries, including Canada. It may be a “small world after all” but it takes a global workforce to make it work. – Bob Carter of

Following are definitions, from the Canadian point of view, of a number of titles used by the global benefits marketplace:

  • Expatriate (expat) – A Canadian citizen on assignment outside Canada for six months or more (e.g. a Canadian employee in Africa);
  • Inpatriate (inpat) – A foreign citizen on assignment in Canada for six months or more (e.g. a Brazilian employee taking an assignment in Canada);
  • Third country national (TCN) – A foreign citizen working for a Canadian company on assignment outside of their home country (e.g. a Brazilian working for a Canadian company in China);
  • Key local national (KLN) – A key manager/foreign citizen working in their home country for a Canadian company (e.g. a key executive in Africa working for a Canadian company); and
  • International business traveler – A person traveling on a business assignment for less than 180 days (e.g. a Canadian traveling often to Africa or China for days/weeks at a time).

As challenging and complicated as this is in our Canadian context, consider the additional insanity of uncertainty created by US travel bans.  Call us for an expert referral.