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Some Made-in-Canada March Break Ideas

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Travelling to the U.S. for March Break was easier on the wallet when the Canadian dollar was stronger. In fact, as recently as 2013, the loonie was at par with the greenback. So for Canadians looking to escape the cold, travelling south was more affordable.

Today, however, the loonie hovers around 75 cents U.S. That hotel room in Orlando that was $150 a night CAD in 2013? It’s now about $200 – without even considering inflation. That adds almost $400 CAD to a week-long vacation in the U.S. Add the cost of meals and entertainment while you’re there, and you might think twice about booking those tickets. So if you’re looking for vacation ideas this March but prefer to stay in the Great White North, here are some made-in-Canada ideas for you.

The folks at Cottage Life have put together a list of five interesting places to visit across the country. There are a couple in here that would never have occurred to me.

Here are a few more, put together by Huffington Post. Some real “think outside the box” ideas.

Finally, if you’ve got children who are off school for a week and you’re just planning on staying close to home, here are some ways to keep them busy and entertained.

Even if you’re not going away, March break still means we’re getting ready to say goodbye to winter — and that alone is something to get excited about. And if you are going away, safe travels!