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The Great Trek - Week 4: The Picture Province

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After four weeks on The Great Trail, we have reached New Brunswick and are currently hiking along the Fundy Footpath.

The Fundy Footpath is a grueling 50km seaside hike along the Bay of Fundy.  Spanning from [Fundy National Park to St. Martins, New Brunswick], the hike has recently gained notoriety as one of the best hikes in the world. Hikers must carefully time their hike to coincide with low tide times, or risk getting trapped by the highest tides in the world, something that happened to a couple [of] unfortunate hikers in 2015.  Several missions are launched to rescue hikers on the trail each year, consuming significant time and resources.

- Smith,Melissa. (2017, Feb) Surviving the Fundy Footpath; The East

Of course, we virtual hikers/bikers/hula hoopers* shall overcome all challenges on the trail and reach the city of Saint John about mid-week. We have logged about 1,900 kms in the past month and feel we are making pretty good time. We are seeing Spring gradually arriving in the Maritimes – ducks and geese overhead, pussy willows along the trails, maple trees being tapped for syrup…and on the west coast Rick is reporting that the cherry trees are in bloom. What a marvelous country this is!



*Fitbit counts hula hooping as steps … Go figure!