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The Great Trek - Week 6: La Belle Province

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After a fast trip up the St. John River, we have set our watches and Fitbits back an hour and entered Quebec – La Belle Province! At Riviere-du-Loup we crossed the icy St. Lawrence River to St.-Siméon and from there followed several trails through the rocky Canadian Shield to Baie-Saint-Paul. “Hikers, expert-level skiers or cyclist, you will delight in the challenge offered in this magnificent setting.”



We are having fun practicing our French. I can now order a “Timmatin” and Greg can order all the “café frais” he wants – only getting into trouble when he gets too particular about how it should be brewed.

We will follow the St. Lawrence to Quebec City, cross there and head towards Sherbrooke. There are 1450 kms of trail through Quebec so we will be here for a few weeks, je crois.