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The Great Trek - Week 14: Homage to Terry Fox

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Mention Thunder Bay and many Canadians immediately think of Terry Fox, and the last day of his heroic Marathon of Hope. A statue beside the highway memorializes his … triumph. Yes, triumph is the right word. He set out to increase awareness and raise money to fight cancer and he certainly achieved his goal! Millions of dollars are raised every year in his name, and new generations of school children learn his story.




Many Canadians, including members of our Great Canadian Trek team, cherish memories of actually seeing him and speaking with him.

Greg: I got to see him in St. John's as a kid (emphasis on the kid part). He dipped his artificial leg in St. John's harbour and off he went like a shot. We watched him on TV all the way across the island. Even as a kid I knew he was special because he did not give up with so much land to travel where there was literally nobody to watch or cheer.

Gina: I got to see him in Ecum Secum … it was very cool ... just him running. My dad and I drove beside him and talked to him as he ran. I'll never forget it.

As we celebrate all things Canadian this sesquicentennial year, remember Terry Fox … truly a great Canadian hero.