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Consistency isn't everything but it is right up there with oxygen. The strongest relationships that you have are with those you trust. 

RMFP is . . . consistency & communication -- your trusted advisor. 

Latest Blog Posts

Into Africa

Published by Debbie Burns on May 06, 2019

Into Africa We have been travelling virtually through Libya the past two weeks, passing through beautiful desert scenery, ancient Roman ruins at Leptis Magna, as well as modern Libyan ruins as in the ...

On the Road Again

Published by Debbie Burns on Mar 13, 2019

On the Road Again After completing our epic virtual Cross-Canada Trek in late December 2017, we are once more on the road. This year we are following the route of Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor on ...

Slow down ... it's Christmas!

Published by Tonya Adams on Dec 07, 2018

From school concerts to office parties, from church celebrations to family get togethers it seems that we are put into high gear from December 1st until the first week of January.  Trying to squeeze time...

2017 Tax Return: Deductions, Credits & Expenses

Published by Debbie Burns on Mar 27, 2018

The deadline for filing your 2017 tax return is fast approaching -- April 30, 2018 for most Canadians. Canada Revenue Agency has provided this useful chart to help you reduce the amount of tax you must...

6 Financial Resolutions for 2018

Published by Gregory Bonnell on Feb 02, 2018

  The new year is a time to reflect and improve on ourselves. Many Canadians choose to make new year resolutions and financial goals are usually at the top of the list.  These tips will help you set (and...



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